Denver Gardens helped us convert a sandbox into a vegetable garden. As we are novice gardeners, they were very helpful with guidance and suggestions during our consultation and provided us with detailed instructions on maintenance and care once the projected was completed. Prompt, friendly and always available to talk if there were questions, etc. The gardening cookbook hand delivered after the project was very thoughtful as well!The team is very nice and adjusted to my needs! My backyard looks great! I tried to plant last year using a large above ground planter and failed miserably!


Lisa B. of Denver, CO


As spring rolls around she and team will very likely do some maintenance. This year's garden is amazing! We've planted zucchini, cucumbers, banana peppers, lettuce, kale, tomatoes, onions! They are all thriving! We've already picked the lettuce and used them for the lettuce wrap! The tomatoes are blooming and I'm expecting to see cucumbers & zucchinis soon! My little one LOVES picking the veggies!

I can't wait to make my famous zucchini bread! Thank you Denver Gardens for making it happen!

Tana H. of Denver, CO

Great Service, fair price.

John O. of Golden, CO

A French drain system was added to prevent standing water. Turf and mulch added to one side of building. Turf prep for a front area of the play yard. retaining wall added against fence and fill dirt added to level off the yard. 

It went perfectly and as scheduled. We have not had any issues with standing water and the play yards are beautiful (this is for a school). We have this company scheduled to come out again in May this year and lay the turf on the prepped play yard.

Cimarron W. of Littleton, CO